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10-04-2000, 10:41 PM
hi I know but Holloween is coming and this is a short story for school. the scary part of it is not in blood or fighting but in the truth that we all afterall are at the mercy of a force ( weither u call it God or science or whatever) everything could stop.

The Black World
By Dallas Adolphsen

Once there was a boy. This boy saw the world in colors and black. Black came out of peoples' mouths at certain times and in certain places. The boy never really knew why he saw this abomination, but he saw it. He told his parents that he saw black come out of their mouths at times, or even when they did certain actions. His parents told him to forget about it.

This blackness was his secret after he told his parents. He would see it all through his life. When he was in high school, a lot of his friends would have this blackness around and out of their bodies. He would see it with the police sometimes. He even saw the blackness when he asked a girl out on a date and she said she did not love him. She not love him! He was the biggest, most famous, well known guy on campus. Who wouldn't want to go out with him?

Then one day he found out what this blackness was. He was in college on a rainy day and he saw black shoot out of a friends' mouth, and his body turned black. He found out what it was... they were lies about love, lies about life, lies about everything from money to cars. Whenever he saw this blackness, he saw lies. He figured out what this blackness was when his friend said he went to a party with some girls. Well, that was a lie, because there were no parties while finals were going on. Then he had leverage on all of his friends because he knew when people lied.

A lie is a powerful thing. It destroys lives and breaks the crystal of trust. Trust is a very fragile thing that most people never put back together. He saw when people were telling the truth and when people lied to him or another person. He saw when people cheated on an exam. He had leverage! He got everything he asked for with his blackmail. It had a good out come, however, because people did not lie anymore on campus. So, after a while he saw no blackness...

....Then one day he went to a History/Government class. The blackness slowly crept like a panther stalking him again. He first saw it at the corner of each eye. Then he saw it slowly creep across his vision. Finally, when the bell rang, it devoured his vision like a wave and he knew the truth. The truth was that the past and the world is a giant lie and that peoples' lives are just a figment of God's imagination that could disappear in a second.

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