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Bruce Baker
12-16-2002, 08:43 AM
I was just thinking that most of you don't know what the hell I am talking about half the time, as some of it is irony with comedy, and some of it is the lessons of growing up with a Jersey accent in a world that considers this to be a characteristic of criminals, or illiterate bums.

Some where inbetween the criminal element, and the overeducated who steal accents from other parts of the country, are those who grow up in a "Leave it to Beaver" environment that has episodes of "The Godfather" come to town now and then. At least my forays of meeting and interacting with members/ family of the Luciano mob in Atl. Hlnds. NJ kept me wary of short good fortunes of living this type of life.

Maybe "Forrest Gump" is closer to the truth, but only in terms of being in places that are either made into movies, or taken into many stories where you can say I met that fellow, was there before or after that happened, and being part of the crowd seems to be my whole life.

Anyway, I think it would be to your advantage to take everything I say by adding a Jersey accent, or at least trying to read it as the actors try to read a script when they immitate Jersey type people. Some clarity might come in that type of format rather than reading into words that become terribly inadequete for describing thoughts, ideas.

Realize that much of what we do is filled with comedy, as much as it is filled with pain, and compassion. This translates into words being but a concept of what I think should be, not what you should think it should be, but each of us having a friendship in our differences with make us what we are.

That is the reasoning for being so passionate about we think, but taking everything with grain of salt without going into a fit at every little thing that is said. It put a lot of stock into the old indian adage of having a skin seven layers thick, learning not to beat children for every little thing but to show love for all living things.

I tend to get a lot of flack from the oldtimers who have had Japanese teachers for twenty or more years as they reflect the views of those teachers, support the forums of aikido in those terms, and do not like some snot nosed little kid telling them what is and what is not in their experience of martial arts. (Well, now I am the grumpy bearded snot nosed man who can either give you a friendly wave, or catch you when you are trying to get away with something.)

Well, hoss, everybody has their right to an opinion, right or wrong, so get over it. Everyone bases their knowledge on the experiences of their life and how they percieve them, so although we may not agree, there is alway something to be learned, even if it does or does not apply in the terms you are used to. If you need your teacher to enlighten you to something you could have found elsewhere, or by yourself, that is your perogative to find knowledge in the means that best suits you.

The Jersey accent, the stereotypes of what you see in the movies, on HBO, or think people to be are the charactichurs(Or is it cartoons?) of real life people who I have known, maybe that is why I can't watch 'The Sopranos' because I was on the fringes of real crime lords and escaped being drawn into their world.

So what the hell does this all have to do with Aikido, and the Open Discussions?

Get a sense of humor, would ya?

Really, either take some of my posts as meandering wanderings spoken aloud, or .... find out what the hell I am talking about.

I am not a scholar, but I do have good common sense. I am not a perfectionist, but I do like to have a clear path with piles that are cleaned up when needed. I don't fully commit myself to any one cause, but then I do have opinionated ideas based upon observation and experience.

Most of the time, I identify with those who have served in the armed forces, understand the need for haveing the knowledge for violence, but in a social situation are the most peaceful people you could meet.

So when you get all head up, and wonder why Bruce is advocating the learning of violence in the peaceful practice in Aikido, it is a city thing, a suburban thing, a military thing, a Jersey thing of moving to the farmlands that have become the suburbs and spawned a peaceful community sprawl.

I am all that, and still amused at people who still think Aikido is another name for karate?

Many people ask,"Whats that say on your hat?"
I say,"Aikido."
They say,"Some kind of Karate?"

Yeah, that's it. Aikido is the educated man/woman's karate that mother wanted us to do.

No hitting. Play nice. Roll on the floor and have fun.

Hey ... you .... snake in the grass ... get oh-vah he-ahh!

No smoking in he-ahh!

Bruce Baker
12-17-2002, 08:30 AM
By the way, being a child of the hippy, dippy, trippy era of rolling stones, kinks, steely dan, other 70s rock and roll, doesn't make it any easier to deal with some of you bleeding heart pansy raised children either.

And for those other guys/ girls who have been indoctrinated for twenty or more years of martial arts training, get over yourselves.

We are all equal at one point in time or another. Some of you may be teachers on the mat, but in real life, we are equal in being born, paying taxes, and eventually dying.

They say you never hear the bullet meant for you, so if you never listen for the bullet you will have time to listen to others around you.

Hence, whether I am right or wrong, at least nod your head and listen, even if you are sleeping with your eyes open.

Hey. Hey, Wake up!

Yeah, you were sleeping.

You started to snore.

And get a sense of humor, will ya?

12-17-2002, 09:07 AM
What an ego you have.

12-17-2002, 09:48 AM
Have you ever concidered starting your own website? to more illustraite your sence of humor that we may not mistake your intentions, you know one with graphics and titles like (THe Jersey Devel ain't got Noting ons me you guys!) You could more accuratly portray the humor in your dialogs.

Oh i know i can't spell, it is a personal fredom i enjoy.

12-17-2002, 11:17 AM
So when you get all head up, and wonder why Bruce is advocating the learning of violence in the peaceful practice in Aikido, it is a city thing, a suburban thing, a military thing, a Jersey thing of moving to the farmlands that have become the suburbs and spawned a peaceful community sprawl.Maybe. I've come to believe that it's just a sign that Bruce still needs to do some growing up and exploration, but your explanation is another possibility to consider.

12-17-2002, 06:24 PM
Have you ever concidered starting your own website?
Very good suggestion.

http://www.geocities.com has free web hosting, tools to get you started, and tools to make it look good.

Contrary to what all those 12 year old computer "geniuses" would have us believe html programming is very easy. Just start simple and go from there. It helps if you have an idea what it will eventually look like but don't be in a hurry to get there. Find a page you like and take a look at the source.

Thinks we'ld like to see.

Pictures of Bruce doing Aikido.

Links to his favourite sites on Pressure points.

His ideas more carefully laid out on a different page (ie. link to your articles).

Bruce Baker
12-18-2002, 10:43 AM

Web Sites?

No body wants to do the real thing?

Come to NJ?

Spend some time in Atlantic City?

If you like Mr. Rehse, I could sort through some of the seminar videos and pick out actual picture and video clips of Bruce actually doing Aikido, but it sure is a lot more fun to have people come visit.

I think most of you read way, way too much into my words, and forget the simple adage ...

We dislike in others the things we most dislike in ourselves.

Pressure points? Hmmm.

George Dillman's site will pretty much connect to all the local guys who are getting together in my area, and they have links on each site which will connect you to what ever you desire.

Oh, there is difference from having ego and just stating what is on your mind ... honestly openly.

Anyone finding ego in what I say had better go take a look in the mirror, because either they are reading something into the words, or feel terribly inadequete because they are thinking they need to understand how and why this person can think and write as he does.

No ... you do not need to know. Just accept these words as words from a fellow human being getting along in the world putting two cents into the conversation. No more, no less.

Never forget that you are the center of the universe, but always acknowledge there are things you can never control.

Let 'em go.

Thanks anyway, for the pokes and prods. Keeps me honest and it means you are listening ... thinking for yourself.

Only people who care about other people respond ... but that is also an interaction of others with troubles also wanting to resolve something?

I just hope I didn't do or say something to make whatever you wanted to resolve become worse or more unresolveable?

That is what I wanted to say to those who get bent out of shape ....

Choku Tsuki
12-18-2002, 10:55 PM
Referring to oneself in the third person is ridiculous and absolutely unnecessary. But it is a warning to others of what to expect, so, Chuck thanks you personally for that.


12-18-2002, 11:21 PM
I really am serious Bruce, it might help illustrate what you mean sorta humerously like an Aikidoist' Roshiman, you know that japanese movie about a murder and the many sides. I built this site with that geocities stuff in about two days, not very hard since i know no programming.


Bruce Baker
12-27-2002, 12:06 PM
Making a website would be a good idea if I was trying to sell something or be somebody, but it just doesn't appeal to me at this point in time.

Ok. If you email me at BrucBaker@aol.com, I will tell you where to find an actual picture of Bruce ... the kid in the body of a gorilla.


That is if you are curious?

Hey Chuck Kuske, how come you don't come play with us at LBI?

Maybe next seminar in Rick Stickles sensei at ASNJ or Greg O'Connor at ACNJ?

Third person? Hmmmm?

Maybe, we is Schmigal, is we? My Precious!

Oops, cartoon thoughts coming out.... plug that hole in the head! Good special effect in Lord of the Rings just make the pictures too real.

Bruce Baker
01-07-2003, 08:05 PM
I was thinking I should apologize to those who get ticked off, but then again, why?

Ticked off means you are trying to control everything around you and have no sense of humor ... a lack of acceptence of others about you who are different from you.

Maybe that is the what this whole annoyance thing is about, getting control?

For what is is worth, I miss many of the guys who have died, and their voices no longer speak, maybe that is why I am more passionate than I need to be, I hear their words, and see them becoming clear in the reflection of time, experience ...

Oh, well.

If but a few thoughts of mine stick with you, and you postulate a new and better idea from it, then the process of learning is continueing, isn't it?

That could be the only reason for humanities entire exsistence, to see what ideas will come with time?

Well, I am doing my job of interaction, are you?


Oh, well. That's life.

01-07-2003, 11:31 PM
I was thinking I should apologize to those who get ticked off, but then again, why?My thought is that you might want to try it because there is a chance you would learn something in the process. I find that there's a lot to be gained from noticing when I could have done things better and where I still have room to improve, and, for me, apologies have much to do with sharing that process with other people in hopes that I might have still more to learn about it.

01-08-2003, 07:14 AM
My thought is that you might want to try it because there is a chance you would learn something in the process.
You have to remember that, as the local life expert, he knows best.

On an unrelated note, who is it that rates these threads at 1 star? What's the point? If you don't like/care about Bruce's posts, don't even rate the thread. If you do, rate it higher. I, for one, enjoy some of his posts. Sometimes he has something good to say, as do most people.

01-08-2003, 07:33 AM
When you say "Ticked off means you are trying to control everything around you and have no sense of humor ...", what if somebody is just simply offended? I guess "ticked off" and "offended" go hand in hand for myself, most times, I suppose.

Your posts don't do that to me, just curious, that's all.

Oh, I'd come to NJ, but being in CT I suppose it's a bit of a drive. Then again, I'm not in Texas or anything..

01-08-2003, 03:38 PM
I don't get ticked off, but I usually get very confused by his posts. I can never tell if Bruce is asking others questions, asking himself questions (which he sometimes goes on to answer), or simply stating rhetorical questions. My thinking is to only ask a question if you are willing to wait and hear an answer (if it is directed another, jeez, now I'm confusing myself!), but that's just me. ;)