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Paula Lydon
12-08-2002, 09:34 AM
~~There's another fine thread here about wheather learning lays at the feet of the student or the teacher. I believe it's a mix of the two, a connection and balance that makes for optimum learning. You may call someone 'Sensei' because of their position in the dojo, time in grade, experience, etc., but if they don't, or aren't able to, really instruct then I don't consider them an 'instructor'.
~~To me sensei is someone who's gone before me and instructor is a teacher, whatever the rank or title. The ideal is when both come together.
~~So there...:p

12-08-2002, 10:53 AM
I see you're taking the literal meaning of sensei ( 搶 ) - (the one) that lived/born before (me). Which is actually true. The Japanese do take this term to mean teacher, but when one sees it literally, it doesn't mean teacher/instructor.

The students learn from the teacher what the teacher has learned. At the same time the teacher evolve around those that the teacher taught. In the end, it is the teacher that learns something new, which in turn the teacher will return that knowledge to the student. It is a nice cycle actually.

Here in Asia, we recognize seniors as big brothers or sisters. The Japanese call them senpai ( y ).

I believe the word for instructor is shihan... not sure what the kanji is...