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12-04-2002, 01:07 AM
I am a new aikidoka and not an english speaker(sorry for typos and grammar:))...from my 1.5 years training i have now 3rd Kyu rank...

Irimi is called as "20 years technique" does it mean you need 20 years to learn the technique in average? so that i may ask the differences i just accomplished 7.5 per cent to do technique properly:). I want to ask lots of questions about just for this technique. Those are follows;

1) Difference between following wazas.
2) Is this following comment ok for you?
Irimi and tenkan are basic techniques in aikido. Irimi is to enter and tenkan is to escape. In aikido either you enter directly to your opponent or escape with tenkan and apply waza afterwards. All techniques in aikido must include one of them.
3) What is the difference between(all of them is related with turning your body without moving the center..IMHO of course);
4) Is it ok that a 3rd kyu grade aikidoka does not know the answer of the above 3 questions :D

Thanks in advance

12-04-2002, 08:33 AM
Well, i can answer some of questions from what i know...

Iriminage does not really require 20 years to master, but it took O sensei 20 years to develop it. Different people have different ways of opinion about 'mastering' the technique, so it might require more than 20 years for some people, and for some people, less.

Irimi and tenkan are basic movements, but BOTH can be also said to be evasive movements, and then a technique to be followed up. For example, u can 'dodge' a punch with either. MOST techniques require such movements, but some do not.

If im not wrong some techniques require you to lead the aggressor to you, for example, throwing an aggressor when he comes from the rear with a bear hug, or when you lead an aggressor coming from the rear with a body lead and when he grabs you, you sink down. I don't really know their names... sorry about that. I don't think they would be called irimi or tenkan.

I think i can only answer so much, im only a white belter. :)