View Full Version : Fellow martial artist forcibly detained by INS

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Neil Mick
11-26-2002, 06:49 PM
The INS has recently engaged in a wave of mass deportations recently. Last week US authorities deported 87 Pakistanis from across the country.

Faisal Ulvie was almost the 88th. A Pakistani Tai Kwan Do expert who traveled to the United States six years ago for a martial arts competition, Faisal decided to stay in the country and apply for political asylum. But after he missed an asylum hearing, he received deportation orders.

Faisal Ulvie remained in the country and married a US citizen, Nadine Young. He helped raise Nadine's two children, Devon and Brittanie. Last year, they had a child of their own. She is named Shaheen.

Faisal Ulvie was picked up by the INS on November 8th. Last week, authorities told him to put on his civilian clothes and pack up. He came so close to being deported that he was actually on the airport tarmac, when the INS authorities received a cell phone call from a federal judge ordering them to pull Faisal off the plane.

He is still in prison.

Here's the audio link, for more info: