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11-22-2002, 04:14 PM
Hi Everyone,

Last night I had my first class in Aikido. It was soo much fun! I was glad to see that the atmosphere wasn't as strict as I had feared. I've got a question maybe someone can help with. When I first steped onto the mat I attempted to preform a formal bow the way sensei had demonstrated in the Seiza position and I heard a horiffic snaping sound and a butt-load of pain came from my right knee as it poped out of place. Has this happened to anybody else and if so have you used a knee brace or pad to prevent re-occurance? Can you recommend a brand? (I'm not new to the knee poping out, it happened a lot in football)

Kevin Wilbanks
11-22-2002, 05:42 PM
You might want to talk to a sports med MD or physical therapist about the actual pathology, restrictions, and preventative conditioning. I hope that you are only describing the patella moving around or synovial fluid sound. If the ligaments that hold your femur and tibia together are so loose that your knee is literally popping out of place, you are in serious trouble. In any case, loud popping accompanied by sharp pain is best referred to a trainer or medical professional in-person, not a bunch of random people on a net discussion board.

Bruce Baker
11-23-2002, 08:33 AM
Yeah, there will be some readjustment of your body as you begin to use muscles that have not been used or trained to be used in a different manner.

Don't injure yourself and try to train normally, it ain't gonna do anybody good if you get thrown and really sustain a serious injury.

As for pops, creaks, and other strange sounds ... elastic supports will shorten the injury time if these noises cause injury, and a proper diet with moderate stretching will get rid of most noises until the age of forty, been there ... done that.

If your noises are just noises, and not causing pain or injury, then that would mean your body is lacking something in either diet, muscle tone, or you should go a little slower in trying to properly do every thing until your body catches up with the physical exertions of practice.

Most of my loud creaking joint pains did not go away until I changed my diet, added vitamins and a water pill to take water out of my system for my Meniere's syndrome. At that point, it took almost a year to be able to jump up and forget to add either elastic supports, or take my medications.

Yes, go see your doctor, talk to him/her about the noises, the pains, the problems, but remember ... the foundation of good health rests upon you. Doctors can help to alleviate pains, shorten healing with good advice or treatments, but the bulk of healing is still left up to your body.

In some ways, your body tells you when you need to change or do something different by the pains, the sounds, and by the behavior you exhibit .... pay attention to these things, and you will be able to enjoy life, and Aikido practice too.