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11-22-2002, 07:40 AM
Okay little help here peeps. last night we were doing suwari waza (kneeling techniques) anyhoo it was ryote dori (two handed grab) and the idea was to do one of three things while uke gave it as much strength as poss.
1.)drop your elbow down on one side and project your arm upwards whilse moving your other arm behind you, thus throwing uke off to one side.
2.)move your palm facing upward fingers pointing to one side and push down whilst cutting upwards with your other hand under their forearm.
3.)moving your hands outward and over in a circular motion then do a push to the chest or kokyo nage.

hope your following my japanese is all erm...pig latin... anyhoo my problems are as follows.
technique 1, i just get stuck, i drop the elbow and start to extend but i get stuck there and cant shake it, and i am relaxing btw i'm just not sure whats going wrong.
technique 2, not too many probs with that one i managed to throw my uke 4 feet without doing too much.
technique 3, again i'm moving my hands and following sensei's advice staying loose yet keeping my elbows in, i have serious probs with this one.

so there we are i'm a fruit, gimme help! gimme, gimme, gimme!

p.s. today is my Birthday my buh, buh, buh birthday chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

Jorge Garcia
11-22-2002, 08:10 AM
I wouldn't venture to say too much or to try to tell you how to do the techniques on the internet since you have a sensei who can help you in person and he or she is most qualified to give the advice you need. I will say something you can think about though, and as you practice, you can discover these priniciples on your own.

You seem to be describing three variations of swariwaza kokyuho. The different styles of aikido will give miriads of ways to do this. What has helped me is to focus on the movement of the center(the trunk of your body) versus the movement of the arms. The more you think of your hands and arms, the more difficult this technique will be. In other words, while the technique may call for a certain kind of arm movement, in fact, your mind should be on your center. The arms only move to compensate for the way uke is attacking. You can transfer the energy from your center to the wrists or the point of the attack by pushing out your energy through the arms and hands while keeping them in front of your center (which may call for you to rotate your body in the direction you are trying to go).

At any rate, I am sure I have already said too much and that almost anything that is said cannot be practically applied unless whoever is talking to you is actually there with you and in this case, it would be your teacher. At any rate, I responded because this technique to me is the most difficult one we do in Aikido and its nice to know that while we may struggle with it, there is a way to uncover its secrets.

Best to you,