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Bruce Baker
11-13-2002, 07:35 AM
Danger! Danger!

What you say in a forum post may be displayed upon your dojo bulletin board, sentences highlighted.

Well, there is no security of people taking what you say here on the forums in or out of context, and there are those who will take exception to have it posted on the dojo bulletin board.

My teacher took exception to a certain paragraph describing the sloppyness of teaching earlier this year, and my comments on how he spoke to the teaching staff to correct such inadequecys. Question is ... who gave it to him, and for what reasons? He doesn't have a computer.

Sorry, but as time goes by, we all feel a malaise from time to time and need either a shot in the arm or swift kick in the butt to bring us back into reality. Whethe there was a lack of tie in to keep foundation of basics to technique shouldn't be strictly relegated to the teaching staff. It is the responsibility of all practitioners to maintain the highest standards they are capable of.

So, should we guard what we say because it will be used a weapon, a threat to our place in the dojo because some people take exception to comments in the forums?

Does this example mean we can no longer use the Aikiweb forums as a means of learning, both for our educational knowledge and spiritual growth because of repercussions in our dojo?

Or am I going overboard because of mentioning an 'in house' problem that should not see the light of day?

Should we not mention problems in our dojo, even in general terms? Will this kind of attention to forum posts be the cause of internal friction in the dojo?

Should I root the deciever, or should I just let it go as politics of teachers asserting their authority?

11-13-2002, 07:40 AM
i think this is called cross-posting and it is considered bad netiquette.

you can never guard yourself against it, and it happens from time to time. i am not going to let this phenomenon stop me from speaking my mind.

11-13-2002, 07:44 AM
Login as guest and post

Bruce Baker
11-13-2002, 07:56 AM
That does not answer the problem.

I should not have to be invisible.

Right or wrong, we have the right to say what is on our minds so that we either learn from mistakes, or get input from others that we might learn.

I am sorry to say, this bulletin board board incident might be the work of someone I am having a problem with in terms of his political agenda verses my non partisan, non political agenda.

Hey, I am just an old guy trying to get some practice in.

I see three choices.

Let it go ... let the chips fall where they may in hopes of having sensei getting his say so this incident goes away.

Make a stink about it, which could either resolve it or make it worse.

Go to practice one day, and seriously thump the offender, with a few choice words about how weasels should clearly consider the repercussions of their actions, then leave the dojo never to return.

I have been through these three scenario's before, and they are my style.

I really would like to have some other choices.

Has anyone experienced this situation before?

11-13-2002, 08:19 AM
Be civil about it. Realize that what ever you say on the boards, you saying to the whole world. If you say something about someone in your personel life, excpect them to hear about it. If your sensie seems to be bothered about it, talk with him about it. Just because your online doesn't mean that you can say things that you wouldn't say in person, though some may like to think so. It is called etiquette.


11-13-2002, 08:24 AM
Bruce, maybe you could just talk to the person who you think posted the note (civilly of course) and ask them why they were upset enough to post it, and try to resolve the issue. I would ask to meet with this person outside the dojo, maybe for a beer or something. Make it friendly, try to resolve this in a cooperative manner.

Best wishes on this.

Oh, btw, I think the forums are an excellent education tool and a great way to get many different opinions from a wide range of folks. I wouldn't stop posting, but always remember they could be viewed by anyone.


Hanna B
11-13-2002, 08:25 AM
Danger! Danger!

What you say in a forum post may be displayed upon your dojo bulletin board, sentences highlighted.Welcome to reality.

11-13-2002, 09:27 AM
Essentially, this is not an aikido problem. It is one of tact. Something was said to offend someone. It got back to him/her. S/he resented it.

How are the choices you enumerate different from those in any other context?

Would violence be indicated in another context?

11-13-2002, 09:44 AM
The way I see it, this is a public Internet forum; I don't think that's been any sort of secret nor should it be a surprise, really. As soon as you post something in here, it's available to be viewed by pretty much anyone regardless of if they had a computer or not.

I've always tried to approach posting in these kinds of forums in the same manner as I conduct daily communication with other people -- electronic or otherwise. I try to maintain a consistency in tone, language, and viewpoints offered that's true to what I represent across all media.

I try my best to stand by everything I write here, on Aikido-L, and on other forums (fora?). I write as though my teacher(s) were reading what I was writing. I write as though my peers were reading. I write as though my mom were reading. And so on.

As such, I think it's important to realize that this is not a "private" means of communicating. As Bruce points out above, it can come and bite you on the rear. It can also bring you compliments and appreciation, too.

As Don points out, the manner in which you ressolve this issue ought to be no different than how you'd resolve a similar issue of offending someone in any other way.

Speaking one's mind is, of course, an extremely important part of one's life -- and something I value in my budo portion of my life as well. Many times, the hierarchical structure of dojo inhibits such. That's why I created these very forums and help maintain the Aikido-L mailing list; it's a way for people from all across the world to share their thoughts about aikido.

Yet, at the same time, I think there should also be a modicum of respect, etiquette, courtesy, and common sense too. Just because you're "speaking your mind" doesn't mean you're still not mindful about stepping on too many toes.

In any case, I hope everything gets resolved in a civil and constructive manner.

-- Jun

PS: If people have a very sensitive topic about which they want to post but wish to conceal their identity, the "Anonymous" forum was created for just that purpose. Please note, though, that forum wasn't created for people who wish to attack others, not bother to login/register, and such...

11-14-2002, 02:58 PM
I personnaly think that if you post something here which bites you then it is your own fault. Said something you should not have? Your own fault! Insulted somebody just because you needed to be right? Your own fault! Abused the trust others put in you? Your own fault! Made a complete ass of yourself? Your own fault.

In everything I do, writing in forums, visiting dojo, visiting seminars and talking with people I can only be truthful. I assume anybody can see/ will hear what I am doing. I assume my teacher knows what I do. And of course I am fully accountable for it. As I know it this is the normal way in Aikido. If I do something bad I probably wont hear it (directly), but my teacher will hear it and held accountable for his students actions. (Which of course will mean I am in deep $%#^& anyway). As in true existentialism I do believe that a man (woman) is the sum of his actions. Inmy opinion that is the way life works, like it or not.

So if you got screwed by something you wrote on the forum there is realy nobody to blame but yourself.