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10-31-2002, 11:10 AM
10/31/2002 11:02am [from Rachel Hughes (info@takemusuaiki.org.uk)]
Website: http://www.geocities.com/~aikidodojo/decade.htm

November 23rd and 24th, 2002 - A week-end of training in Tai-Jutsu, Aiki-ken and Aiki-Jo with Chris Tozer, 4th dan. This year, our Winter Course coincides with the first ten years of the Aikido Dojo Camberley. A full and exciting training programme will include: Kihon renzoku waza (Ikkyo-Yonkyo, Shiho nage, Irimi nage, Kote gaeshi, Kaiten nage, Koshi nage), Kokyu nage, Kaeshi waza, Kumi-Jo, Kumi-tachi, Tachi dori, Jo dori. We hope you will be able to come and celebrate with us and we look forward to welcoming you! The course is open to all styles and affiliations. Insurance will be available for purchase on the day for non-members. Please bring Bokken and Jo for weapons classes.