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Bruce Baker
10-28-2002, 08:33 AM
Maybe I am talking about a spiritual connection as I have recieved in a spiritual necklace that was made to help me achieve physical and spiritual balance in my journey to find things of my ancestry, but the more I delve into the aspect of energy, affecting stimuli of herbs, rocks, energy within the universe, I find certain things that do increase my body's ability to heal, to become attuned to things around me, and find a balance within the mental thoughts as well as physical endeavors.

Now, there is some belief that certain types of stones, jewelry, and having remedies of herbs that are mixed for an individual person are physically beneficial, but no one knows why other than the mental attitude allows the body to heal?

Well, I have been given such a gift, blessed by the shaman, and made just for my needs.

It may be hocus pocus, or a mental attitude, but then isn't that exactly the higher meaning of training in Aikido alludes to? The capacity to use inner power of the mind to increase the outer physical power of the body?

I have only had it for a day, so I am not sure how the benefits will work out in the long run, but I thought it might be of interest to those who are studying the benefits of herbal treatments, or attempting to become attuned to their their environment rather than hacking through their lives as if it were a jungle?

What do you think about using the stones, metals, and objects of the earth to help get physically and mentally attuned to the earth, which is our living universe?

10-28-2002, 09:44 AM
IMHO i do beleive that items can make a difference, for instance there are certain types of stones found in england that pagans beleive can help channel aura it is an old celt belief and it is closely followed by my friend who is an ovate (herbalist etc...) i personaly i am a bard by nature and really dont get to involved in the herbal side of things although fascinating i am more of a chemist (things that go boom) and he is a biologist/botonist so he takes que from there, the one plant highly looked upon here is mistletoe but its mainly ovates and druids that deal with that.

I take it you are Native american? which tribe might i ask? i've always wanted to learn more about Native americans especialy as there arent many left anymore in comparison to all the bloody westerners that are about.