View Full Version : Messed up techniques

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Ta Kung
10-22-2002, 01:05 AM

I had a pretty strange experience a few days ago. We were doing kokyo nage, the one on a tsuki when you grab the fist as you move back, and go up, down, up and then down hard. You totaly loose balance and have to take a breakfall.

Well, as I punched and my nage started her technique, I notised she was doing it real fast. Not beeing to comfortable with breakfalls, I thought that I was doomed to do one anyway. As I started the fall, her grip slipped and she totaly lost me. I was hanging in the air for at least 2 seconds. I was defying gravity! But then, as sensei told the entire class afterwards, I started waving my arms and legs (like a cartoon character, when he realizes he's not on solid ground anymore). It was rather cool. But I prefer breakfalls to that kind of fall... :)

Anyone with similar experiences? I think I need some counciling (sp?) LOL


10-22-2002, 03:50 AM
Yeh, I was doing kote-gaeshi on a rather big bloke. For some reason he was not fully over during the breakfall and was therefore suspended vertically and upside down with me holding onto his wrist. It was a most bizzare feeling and I had this momentary panic that he was going to land on his head in a pile driver type movement - however he managed to do a rather expert ukemi from this position with no damage - bizzare.