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09-15-2020, 12:33 PM
Hi folks.
I have a little story about Budo Renshu to share.
It has started seven years ago when I looked for different topics on this forum. Thread about Budo Renshu (http://www.aikiweb.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22269) is still here and you may briefly look for it if you're curious.
For the next seven years people from our study group (some of them that still practice) became familiar with most Ueshiba's techniques, so we played around Budo Renshu a bit and created this demo (https://youtu.be/3DIgbd9Ue3E).
After seven years we have chosen seven techniques from every chapter with some variations.
This demo do not provide some details about techniques and might be treated as one of variation about how it was hundred years ago.
At this point story stops but we'll see what happens next :)

Take care and keep going with your practice.

09-18-2020, 04:29 PM
Thanks for sharing, Ivan!

-- Jun

09-19-2020, 12:25 PM
To watch the video , YouTube requires me to sign in, I'll pass.

Craig Moore
09-20-2020, 01:27 AM
Thanks for posting his update. You've done well to continue working on these and put together another video of demonstrations.

09-20-2020, 10:43 AM
2 Craig Moore
I think you have Ueshiba's techniques source in Australia. You could play around it and create better variations of it. It's fun anyway.

Craig Moore
09-20-2020, 08:37 PM
Thanks Ivan. Like a lot of people I have compared some of the Budo Renshu content to what we do in the dojo, noticing examples that are similar and many that are different. As you say exploring this physically is interesting and fun. I think it's great that your group is putting that into practice.

09-22-2020, 03:10 PM
2 Craig Moore
Older Takeda, older Ueshiba and younger Takeda have left numerous forms to add 200 more to practice. Quantity of forms leads to ideas behind it. Budo Renshu might be a good tool to verify ideas passed by forms and dealing with unknown forms. It's free to show and could appears the useful in exploring way. Not many people shares their experience around Budo Renshu last 7 years. Hope it'll changes next time.