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William Jerry
03-03-2019, 12:41 PM
What are the three blocking area's for Ukenagashi for the Japanese samurai sword

03-04-2019, 07:33 PM
While I'm familiar with ukenagashi (also called nagashi uchi by the late T.K. Chiba shihan), I've never heard things phrased quite like your question (it's not really a block, to my way of thinking). Thinking about it, it's probably just referring to the usual three levels that pervade sword and stick work: jodan (high level: head), chudan (mid-level: torso), and gedan (low level: legs). You can slip by: early and high, maybe even dodging entirely, mid-timing and mid-level glancing deflection, or late and low, in which case it might resemble a block before following through.

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