View Full Version : YouTube: Kazuo Chiba & Archie Champion - 12 Jyo Basics from Kesa Review - September 1989

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12-25-2018, 07:02 PM

Here is a video of Kazuo Chiba reviewing the "12 Jyo Basics from Kesa" in 1989 with Archie Champion.

Julian Frost writes in the video's description:
In 1989, Chiba Sensei was still developing the 12 Jyo Basics from Kesa. He would eventually teach 36 basic movements with the Jyo - 12 techniques each from Kesa, Tsuki and Shomenuchi - with each set containing several variations of some of the individual techniques.

This video, filmed by Jan Arkless during an Advanced Weapons class at the San Diego Aikikai in September, 1989, shows Chiba sensei and his uke, Archie Champion, reviewing the first set of 12 techniques from Kesa. Chiba sensei refined many of the techniques and their variations over the years, but this video shows how it all began.

-- Jun