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Ethan Weisgard
11-28-2017, 11:51 AM
I'm reaching out to the Aikido community as an interested individual - hoping to find a suggestion for a better name than "World Combat Games". The event that is called "World Combat Games" is a large international martial arts/fighting arts event that takes place in different countries, organized by Sportaccord. Aikido is represented at these events, through the International Aikido Federation. Many of us in the Aikido community have felt that it would be advantageous to have another name for this event - something that would be more representative of the traditional martial art forms as well as the modern, more combat-oriented styles.
If you check Wikipedia under "World Combat Games" you will find more information, and Google gives you various clips showing more details about these events.
Any suggestions for a better name would be greatly appreciated. As I mentioned before, I'm making this request as a private individual of the Aikido community, but I believe that a good alternative would be taken into consideration for future use. It's worth a try!

Peter Goldsbury
11-28-2017, 08:00 PM
Hello Ethan,

I was Chairman of the International Aikido Federation when the idea of having a large martial arts event was first floated. At that point the organization was GAISF and the event was planned as the Martial Arts Games. Then GAISF became SportAccord and the name of the event was changed to SportAccord Combat Games. I protested at the time, but time was too short to enable us to come up with a better name. I do not know SportAccord's intentions about such events, but one possibility is simply to drop 'combat' altogether and call the event SportAccord Games, on the model of the Olympic Games.

The IAF should also consider holding a large international event, of which a congress could be a part, with an aikido demonstration and training seminar having a much larger role than simply a congress, where people only talk and pass resolutions.

Best wishes,

11-29-2017, 08:23 AM
every time i see the word "combat", i have the mental pictures of folks in army fatigues and expect tanks to be involved. imagine my disappointment when i didn't see any tank at all, much less spectacular explosions. very disappointing.

why not use World Martial Arts Expo (or Conference in a pinch) similar to the old Aiki Expo years past. sometimes folks tend to over-thinking it.

me, i kinda like World Folks-who-dressed-up-in-pajamas-and-partying thingy. :)

12-01-2017, 04:01 PM
^^^ what he said ^^^ :)

12-04-2017, 10:26 AM
I like "Forum". Nice woody-sounding word.

World Martial-Arts Forum?

Maybe Symposium? Scene? Assembly? The Bout to Knock the Other Martial-Art Out?