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06-04-2017, 06:36 AM
This guy's incredible.
Any technical comments?

06-07-2017, 11:54 AM
I went to one of his seminars for the first time back in April. So far as it is in my power, I will be attending next year!

To say that Endo Shihan impressed me is a bit of an understatement (disclaimer: I'm only 3rd Kyū): It was not just his technique, which was impressive by itself, it was his training method —after he demonstrated what he wanted us to do for a given section, he made rounds to train with absolutely everyone on the mat, every… single… section. (80 people on the mat times 4 repetitions of throws/pins times 9 sections on Day 2 = 2880 repetitions.)

As uke, you felt almost like you had freedom of movement, except it felt like sensei knew exactly what you were going to do, before you did it, so any movement you did worked in sensei's favor. He also had an interesting nikyō variant where he kept complete control without inflicting the usual contortion pain.

Most of what he had us doing at the seminar was multi-chained jiyu+henka waza, with a designated initial attack and a few different options of initial movement, with any follow up being mostly freeform.

A couple points he repeatedly made that stuck with me:
1. If uke is stiff, uke is easier to throw! Uke, don't be stiff!
2. If your waza isn't working, keep moving, and you will find another that does.

One warning, he can be a stickler about some points of reigi! Bring indoor sandals/slippers for off the mat, and make sure you line up at the beginning and end of class in nice rows and columns with around two fists worth of spacing (at the knees) to your left and right.