View Full Version : Habatsu-shugi/clannishness

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Bruce Baker
09-06-2002, 10:00 AM
I seem to get into the out look of western acceptence of Aikido, verses the practice of Aikido in the Japan, along with how we westerners view the leadership/ hierarchy of Aikido.

I was reading an article by Peter Goldsbury who quote the loyalty of different familys and organizations of Aikido to clannishness or factionalism, also called Habatsu-shugi.

Are we taking a private martial art of Aikido and turning it into something far beyond the original forsight of its early practitioners?

Is the restricted vision of the present Shihans blinded by the past prerequisites of Habatsu-shugi?

How can we come to understand a general knowledge of Aikido in reference to our societys, the USA that is, ability to grant our support to leaders and elected leaders but having the right to withdraw that support should they misuse or perform badly?

In essence, we do not always go by the clans, or the family loyalty, but we elect by confidence in ability, thereby creating instability and change, but we are true to the rule of bringing new genes into the gene pool so that stagnation does not occur from things like Habatsu-shugi?

Being Native to America, and not having lived or traveled to Japan, all my information is second or third hand. Any thoughts on this?