View Full Version : Philadelphia area Aikido uchi-deshi opportunity

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05-08-2017, 09:21 AM
(Note: I am not a representative of the dojo, just a student passing info along.)


Old City Aikido is now accepting applications for our uchi-deshi program. The position offers an exciting opportunity for serious practitioners who wish to move forward with their training in a more consistent and committed way. We are a full-time professional school, able to offer a fully immersive and complete approach to the study of Aikido. Those accepted as uchi-deshi will be expected to attend all classes (unless excused by the instructor), perform daily cleaning, help to make improvements as needed, assist with the children’s program and other teaching duties as specified, attend all dojo events, and to support the dojo, instructors, and their fellow students.

Uchi-deshi will be provided with furnished sleeping quarters and a nicely-appointed common area (living space). There is a tuition associated with the apprenticeship and we are currently asking for students who are ranked 3rd kyu or higher. A letter of reference from a previous instructor is preferred but not strictly required. An interview will be conducted in person before any applicant is accepted.

All interested students should message the dojo page for more information.