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12-22-2016, 11:06 AM
Apologies if this isn't 100% on target for this forum, but I haven't been able to find many other sources of traditional weapons training information in Atlanta. Does anyone one know of a dojo or instructor who teaches Shinto Muso-ryu Jo? If not that specific style, standalone Jodo or Jojutsu instruction not requiring matriculation in another martial art? None of the Kendo schools train with the Jo, and several other instructors only teach it as a subset of another art. The closest school I've seen is in Jacksonville, FL. Many thanks and peace for the season.

Michael Hackett
12-22-2016, 01:48 PM
Mr. Tasonis,

You might contact Dave Holland Sensei. He is a godan aikido instructor, but does a lot of weapons training with both jo and bokken. I don't know the complete background of his weapons work, but he is really skilled with the jo. Here is a link to his dojo near Atlanta:


I've had the privilege of training with him (and under him) a few times now and he is an excellent teacher and great training partner. Give him a call.


Dave Gallagher
12-27-2016, 03:24 PM
None of the Kendo or Aikido people can really be of help. If you are looking to really train in a koryu like Shindo Muso RyuJodo, you will need a letter of introduction from whatever gendai (modern) budo sensei you are training in.
The jo in Aikido has no real relationship to koryu jodo. There are very few people licensed to teach in the US. I suggest you contact Dave Lowry in St.Louis. He may be able to help you find someone.

Larry Feldman
12-29-2016, 08:59 AM
What Dave said about Koryu practice is correct, try Meik and Diane Skoss in N.J. if you are looking for Jodo.

If 'reality takes precedence' and you need a commutable option, I teach a variety of Jo work in Atlanta including Saito's Jo Awase, and Kumi Jo. Ki Societies Jo Katas 1 and 2. Shizuo Imaizumi's Jo Kata 3, and my own teacher's extensive Jo Kata, along with 10 Jo Suburi he created. Many years ago I taught Jodo when affiliated with Mr. Imaizumi, but have not taught it in some years. Make no mistake that I am not an authorized instructor in that Koryu.

All the Jo work is taught in conjunction with a variety of Bokken work, and Aikido as part of our Aikido criteria.

I have rarely had someone 'just' want to study weapons, but my teacher does provide it as a separate field of study. So I would consider it if we could agree on a regularly scheduled class day that I could set aside some time for it. Most likely on a Saturday.