View Full Version : Didier Boyet 7th Dan, formerly of Hombu Dojo at Aikido of Champlain Valley Oct. 14,15

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Chris Farnham
09-14-2016, 08:49 AM
Didier Boyet, 7th Dan Birankai Shihan will be in Burlington, Vermont on October 14-15th. Boyet Sensei studied aikido and iaido with Tamura Sensei in Paris beginning in 1972, and also trained with Chiba Sensei in England. In order to deepen his understanding of budo, he moved to Japan in 1977, where he studied aikido intensively at Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, training with the late Doshu, Chiba Sensei, Yamaguchi sensei and many other important teachers. In addition, he studied Muso Shinden Ryu iaido with Mitsuzuka Sensei. He recently left Japan and currently resides in Paris, France.

This seminar is a great opportunity to see a senior aikido instructor who has had the good fortune to study in Japan for almost 30 years. Please bring your bokken, and let us know if you need a place to stay at the dojo, with our students, or in a nearby hotel.