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john marke
09-07-2016, 12:56 PM
Thank you for allowing me to join this forum. I have not trained for several years, largely due to a spinal injury that had become worse over time and aggravated by a recent fall. At 64 years of age it is probably time to bow out before I am carried out. Though I credit Aikido with minimizing the damage from my recent fall down some steep stairs. I had the instinctive reaction to turn and land on my "tail bone" rather than head first into a wall. Good for the wall, good for my head and neck, not so much for my coccyx.

I have an extensive martial arts library, most of which are pretty common, except for the Morihiro Saito 5 volume set of Traditional Aikido Techniques. I have them for sale if anyone is interested. There is no on in my family to pass them down too and They have been gathering dust on the top shelf of my library for years. Time to simplify my life and maybe someone would want them as collectibles.

My email is ctc8098@gmail.com and I can send pictures. I am asking $250.00. I think I originally bought them back in 1980 for around $100 or maybe a bit more. No dust covers and they are hardcover books.

John Marke