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Mark Raugas
05-07-2016, 08:06 AM
There is an upcoming Northern Wu Style Taijiquan seminar in Silver Spring, MD, on 21-22 May, hosted at Capital Aikikai:

Master Zhang Yun and his colleague, and special visiting guest, YCGF Master Zhao Zeren, will cover empty-hand Taiji form and application, Taiji push hands training, the fighting principles of Taijiquan, and some Neigong (Qigong) exercises as passed down from the late Wu Style Taijiquan Grandmaster Wang Peisheng. This special seminar tour demonstration represents a unique opportunity for American Taiji practitioners to meet Master Zhao, who is recognized as one of the best Taijiquan Masters in all of China.

This style of Taijiquan is known for its focus on internal principles and fighting applications. From my experience, several Aikidoka and Jujutsu practitioners have enjoyed and benefited greatly from exposure to the Wu Style of Wang Peisheng. This is a three city tour (Princeton, Pittsburgh, Washington) of Zhao Zeren, who is a very accomplished practitioner of internal martial arts.

Silver Spring, MD
1:00-4:00pm: Wu Style 37-Posture Form and Selected Applications
Five selected postures from 37-posture form: movement correction, internal training, applications

5:00-8:00pm: Taiji Push Hands and Self-Defense Concepts
Two-person drills for improving your push hands practice and self-defense

SUNDAY, May 22
10:00am-1:00pm: Wu Style 37-Posture Form and [Neigong] Qigong
Underlying concepts and mechanics for use in push hands and self-defense

2:00-5:00pm: Fighting Principles and Basic Techniques of Internal Martial Arts
Selected techniques from YCGF fighting system, Internal Gongfu (Neigong) practice

Here is a downloadable movie file of Zhao Zeren demonstrating for those interested:

http://www.ycgf.org/Masters_in_YCGF/videos/101_0057.mov (64Mb)


Capital Aikikai
923 Sligo Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910


Paul Cote: att8@verizon.net


Any Three Sessions: $220
Any Two Sessions: $160
Any One Session: $90

Although the basic agendas of the three seminars are the same, the contents of each one will cover
different training. Different postures, for example, will be chosen for form training in each seminar,
and different two-person drills will be used for push hands training. Master Zhang and Master Zhao
will answer and discuss all the different kinds of internal martial arts questions raised by the varied
groups of participants at each seminar.

Cash preferred; checks can be made to Yun Zhang. Please email the contact address below to register.