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Juanlu Durán
03-15-2016, 03:14 PM
Allen Beebe in Spain 25/26 June 2016
Allen Beebe sensei will be teaching his first seminar in Spain during the last weekend of June in San Sebastian, Spain (25 and 26 June).

We would like to invite you to attend these training sessions.

Allen is a student of the late Shirata Rinjiro, one of the famous names of early aikido. In these sessions Allen will be covering, among others, the core basis of Shirata sensei's teachings—the building blocks which make the techniques of Aikido possible. These teachings are among others Tan Doku Dosa, Kokyu Ryoku no Yosei Ho, Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo.
These solo exercises containing almost all of the movements necessary for aikido and organized so that, when performed regularly, one can train the core body elements necessary to produce aiki.

This seminar with Allen will be generally informal and interactive. There will be ample opportunity for questions and answers throughout. For this reason we would ask that you wear normal exercise clothing or other loose comfortable attire. Please bring jo and bokken.

The training takes on Saturday 25 june 2016 (09:30-12:00h and 14:00- 16:30h) and Sunday 26 June 2016 (09:30-12:00h and 14:00- 16:30h).

It will take place on the Aikido club Amagoia
Jai-Alai 28 3 (Egia)
20012 Donostia

The seminar fee is € 75,-/ day (€ 150,- / weekend).
You can transfer the fee to NL97 INGB 0007 3700 80 t.n.v. Stichting Aikido Zwolle. Or you can use PayPal sending it to walter(at)walteroudewesselink.com

Registration is desirable as the seminar is limited to ensure the interaction between Allen and the attendees.

For more information you can e-mail me to dbjuan(at)gmail.com or visit the Facebook page of the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/907166916043038/

We are looking forward to a very informative and enjoyable weekend. We hope you will join us in San Sebastian.


03-29-2016, 04:06 AM
Already looking forward to this seminar.

Juanlu Durán
05-20-2016, 06:38 AM
Hi everybody,
In a month we will be hosting Allen Beebe in beautiful San Sebastian and we still have a couple of spots left.
We will be working on the basic solo exercises necessary to unify the body, firs step to move with aiki. This seminar will change your way of seeing Aikido.
It will be an intensive seminar the 25 and 26 of June. The group is reduced to 20 atendees.
We are looking forward to see you there,

Juanlu Durán
06-18-2016, 01:53 PM
Hi all,
less than one week for the seminar and we still have a couple of spots left.
If you do aikido and are missing the internal power that should come with it, or are curious about the prewar teachings of Ueshiba or if you are a martial artist investigating in the internal skills, you can´t miss this one.
more infos in our fb event page

07-06-2016, 09:33 AM
Some reviews of Allen's seminar in San Sebastian.
In Spanish

Juanlu Durán
07-07-2016, 12:28 PM
Here is the link (https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aikidoenlinea.com%2Fblog%2Fcronica-coral-del-curso-allen-beebe-donosti%2F&edit-text&act=url) with the translation courtesy of google translate.
And following two reviews in english:

When I asked to my spanish fellows if they where interested on to bringing Allen to Spain I did it moved for two reasons: To give them access to the same sources I do (so they can explain me the stuff I can´t understand) and to help to fullfill Allen´s wish of transmitting the teachings he recieved to keep them alive

The seminar took place in the beautiful city of San Sabastián, with a group smaller than expected, but with very motivated individuals, wich has been proved by their fast understanding of the exercises. In two days they had been done an advance two years’ worth. Of course, now they must keep doing the hard work until they assimilate it.
The presence of Robert was invaluable. He was one of Allen’s training partners, thanks to whom he was able to understand the teachings of Rinjiro Shirata and Dan Harden

Apart from the many revelations Allen made on the seminar, many of them shocking for the foundations the modern aikido is built upon, I would like to highlight his two final lessons:

3. Think for yoursef
This is in fact the very essence of Allen´s teachings. Create and destroy your own models, improving them every time. Ask yourself questions, don´t be afraid to be wrong. Nobody is going to do the work for you, is the only way to advance.

4. Avoid Hierarchy
The organization mystifies the man and hides his true achievements, putting them out of reach of the normal men. If we really want to understand we have to question the false tradition and walk our own way.

I´m very happy with the seminar. The succcess of it lies in the atmosphere of hard work and companionship on the search for the essence of the martial arts. I don´t experience such an atmosfere often on a seminar, and I think is something we have to nourish.
I hope that Allen comes again to Spain again in the following years and that the atmosphere goes on.
I would like to thank Riki, Àlvaro, Juanxo and Walter. Without them the seminar wouldn’t have been possible. And to Robert for his generosity, and to Allen for getting involved in this venture.

Juan Luis Durán, 2° Dan Aikikai and student of aiki

Last weekend, we had the opportunity of enjoying Allen Beebe’ presence for the first time in Spain. It was a superb course celebrated in San Sebastian. For me it has been the third course of this kind that I attend. The first two were courses with Dan Harden, and this one was the first with Allen. I had a lot of interest in meeting him, because even though he follows the same path as Dan, Allen is an Aikidoka and he approaches this work from a context more akin to Aikido. Allen was student of Rinjiro Shirata, the Kobukan’s prodigy, pre-war student of O Sensei, from the time before Aikido lost that little… something. When I refer to aikido, I mean the “Official” aikido, “mainstream” aikido if you allow me to use such a loaded word. The course was precisely about that “Something”. That “Something” is what I am trying to work and develop since last September when I met Dan Harden. As we have commented sometimes, Dan Harden is a force from nature, the most powerful martial artist that I have ever met… What I have seen him to do and what that 60 years old man has done to me is not easy to believe. However, his teachings are lacking some structure, and sometimes, because of his very high level those teachings are difficult for new people in this area like me. The possibility arose, from that first course with Dan, of bringing Allen to Donosti, and even though I knew little about him, with the few things they told me, I had no doubts. We started to work and finally we brought him. This format of intensive courses with many hours and reduced groups, designed to teach and really learn (in contrast with the social events that we are used to in aikido) are new in our place and it was difficult to attract people.
After this years’ experience, I do not foresee many problems for next time. To have Allen next to home and not go to the course… is bordering stupidity. I know that it sounds strong, and it really is, but I prefer to use those words not to offend but to make people reflect on it. I am convinced that anyone that has not attended this year (having had the opportunity) and will attend next year, will subscribe these words to the letter. Besides being aikidoka, Allen speaks and writes Japanese perfectly, has been married with a Japanese woman, has been a Buddhist monk and has lived in Japan for the most part of his life; has been all the Japanese that you can be being blond. Thanks to his knowledge, he has been able to read O Sensei’s texts first hand, without depending on translations or interpretations from third parties, that gives added value to his knowledge. He explained concepts to us that not only belong to aikido (that “Something” is common to other martial arts) but he was able to do it from O Sensei’s words. Thanks to simple exercises and a structured progression, some people could start to understand and take their first steps in the development of that “Something”. And for those of us that had already started on this path, we could secure and clarify concepts besides acquiring new tools to keep going on. We could see and feel firsthand how powerful that “Something” makes them (Robert, one of his best students, also came with Allen) and how devastating aikido is when it is not empty of that “Something”. After the course, you have the knowledge of what that “Something” is (now you know what it is and that it exists) and you have several exercises that help you to develop it. The work to develop that “Something” is arduous and lonely. You need to invest many hours and it is hard. The progression is slow… but everything that is valuable is difficult; in a word, Shugyo. That “Something” is not something metaphysical or philosophical; it is not a mystic energy. That “Something” is something real; it is something physical and physiological. It is a body technology that can be learnt, in the same way that you can learn juggling. If I have clarified something in these last years it is that 90% of aikido is not real… it is an empty shell that looks like it, that has the same shape. Than “Something” is the reason, the origin and the goal of aikido. Aikido is the tool to develop that “Something”. If we think that aikido is something else, that it is a collection of techniques to do things and to defend ourselves against someone, we are deeply mistaken. It is not a petty opinion, I do not say that lightly… if now I know what aikido is, it is because during many years I have been on the wrong path, doing what it is not, giving shape to a shell, more or less pretty… but that was lacking “Something”. I had the intuition that it existed, and because of that I did not stop searching for it… now I have found it. My shell is still empty, but now I have found the filler and now I have to start filling it little by little… adjusting it and polishing it in order to fit that “Something” better. By the way, that something is called “Aiki”. A lot of people believe that they know what it is, but they don’t. It’s that simple. I hope to see you next year in the next course with Allen. Well, not to all since the attendance is limited…

Rikardo Ripalda, 3º dan de Aikido, Koi Aikidojo.

Allen Beebe
07-13-2016, 10:52 PM
I had a terrific time in San Sabastian and it was a real pleasure to train with and get to know those that attended the seminar. I was surprised and impressed by how quickly everyone progressed and enjoyed and appreciated how a group of seminar participants soon became a bunch of friends. It is so great to get together and train with friends!

I am pleased others feel as positive about the experience as I do and am flattered by their kind words. For the record though, please keep in mind that Google Translate is a work in progress. I most certainly do not speak, read and write Japanese perfectly. (Heck I can't even claim as much in English). I also didn't live most of my life in Jaoan, and with every passing year that that is becoming more true. Besides these slight exaggerations there was also one clear omission. All reviews, there are more in Spanish I think, neglect to mention my rugged and youthful good looks. Clearly this was a mere oversight so no offense taken! ;)

Once again, thanks to those involved in organizing the seminar, all of those that came (I hope to see you again next year) and a shout out to my Dutch friends that traveled with me and to my favorite frenemy Robert who came all the way from the USA to help me teach.


Allen Beebe
07-14-2016, 09:19 AM
A couple other points of clarification to help clarify Google Translate, or at least my own opinion:

With regards to avoiding hierarchy, I agree with what Juan wrote and would amplify a couple of points; recognize ability (reality) over any kind of rank if you wish to attain ability. Don't be a "fanboy" of their ability. Rather ask how they do what they do and don't stop there. Figure out how YOU do what they do. Also, progress in Aiki is so challenging that one should be open to ideas from all not just one's "superiors." Take the ability of the one giving the idea into consideration (can they do?), does what they say make sense, does it work? Let reality be the final arbiter. History indicates that "class" has no patent on ability, talent, or discovery.

With regards to Dan Harden's teaching lacking structure, I'm almost certain that Google Translate was lacking there. Ricardo is a great admirer of Dan and obviously found value in his seminars as he has attended them twice already and I suspect will continue to do so. Also, Ricardo, Juan, nor I would ever wish to demean Dan which is why I'm convinced this was a victim of translation.

Which brings me to my last point, I owe my teacher Shirata Rinjiro a huge debt of gratitude, I also owe Dan Harden a huge debt of gratitude. Without his input (which I hope continues and recommend to all) I would have been unlikely to fully understand all that had been shared with me. And, of course I am thankful for all of my training partners past and present without whom I could not possibly progress.

Hmm sounds like a corny Oscar acceptance speech! Sorry about that. Be that as it may, I feel compelled to give credit where credit is due. Now I will shut up! ;)