View Full Version : My Impression. My visit with TAKEDA Y. SHIHAN at AKI Sydney City Dojo Australia. 21&22 November 2015

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Chicko Xerri
12-01-2015, 04:31 PM
My Impression,

As always with Sensei's Aiki imagery, for me it's filled with colour and inspiration and I can't separate TAKEDA Sensei's place, apart from the vision within the heart of O'Sensei.

I wanted, with this visit, to interpret the intent in the soul of my Aiki Mentor, more to the point I was seeking to interpret the feeling of my inner sense, that inner ability to determine intuitively, the empathetic communion with another's internal knowledge. To create form from what manifests via the Cosmic source, which links that persons purity and positive intent to ones own spiritual depth, to create beauty from a place of Love and to put the world of my own creation, through the medium of movement in pristine order.
From my first meeting with Takeda Shihan some 3+ decades ago after 10 years basic study with Sugano Sensei. In Takeda Sensei I immediately touched on the security of familiarity. I noticed an affinity with his Aiki projection and imagery. I find it necessary to interpret what is right and poinient for my progression along the path to understanding my own practice and its relationship to the other realms and Humanity.
The Aiki path expressed by O'Sensei in his later and final years is so far removed from the earlier Aiki Ju Jutsu techniques that most of his students could not understand, yet believe or replicate his simple sophisticated projection due to his spiritual integration with Yin Yang flow. As we know, O'Sensei moved away from technical physical forms onto the higher Bu levels of spirituality. Years of practice in Aikido may bring one to a level that best suits the individual spiritual personality.
Aikido being a spiritual expression of the physical Martial Arts metamorphosed from O'Sensei's understanding of Yin Yang into Aiki expression, makes it so excitingly attractive to me. The feeling, the imagery is so appealing. Regardless of whether I am physically capable of participating and maintaining my place in the youthful dynamic Ukemi is besides the point. The reality is Takeda Shihan's Aiki expression, is for me a conduit for my personal development on how to live as a positive Human Being in the world. As with O'Sensei's teaching the approach is, : Not how to create mayhem on the Battle field, rather how to survive the onslaught of battle, Regardless of intensity or timidity of attack, Ukemi has many levels and layers to practice on.
The short weekend I spent with Takeda Shihan in Sydney re enforced in me the power in a liberating free Aiki expression that is abundantly expressive of O'Sensei's living Aikido vision for Humanity.
What ever your personal goal, provided you keep the flow and freedom of your Aiki expression pure and heartfelt the journey will remain wonderful..

Chicko AKI Fudoshin Dojos Australia.