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12-01-2015, 12:35 PM
Recently started to do Aikido practices and it,s awsome. Wanted to do since 2 years ago, when noticed Steaven Seagal in his movies. After that was searching information about Aikido and watching some videos in youtube. Couldn,t belive my eye,s, thought it,s a trick, some kind of show. Attackers was flying like a birds on every direction from one master + it looked like not hard at all for him 😃
So now finaly i joined to those awsome people. Been on just a couple practices so far and it took me, just literraly i was there on training carpets with others and nowhere else.
Remember after 1.st lesson was laughting at myself- wait dude what just happened, i wash the floor with myself by falling 100+ times and it makes me so happy?... 😃😃Anyway the sadisfaction from when the moves start to work out and after the lesson in huge ☺
Well about me, hmm i like to think im a funny guy 😃 doing things differently then others just to be different, half of the time it comes naturaly, others are just for fun.
Like to be close to nature - love fishing ☺
Emotions flow up and down from good to bad often, but im staying positive no matter what. Could be the reasson why i like to be in middle of attention, but can be that 20 min latter don, t want to see anyone in front of me. Yup that,s me. But does,t mean that i will be offensive or rude in my down moments, just not going to entertain with jokes or funny stories ☺
So im happy that this forum came to me, looks very solid and nice. Thanks guy,s for keeping this up!