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Daniel Laureati
11-05-2015, 11:21 AM

My name is Daniel Laureati, I live in Rome (Italy) and have been practicing Aikidō since September 2013 under the guidance of Marco D'Amico Sensei, IV dan Aikidō Aikikai d'Italia, Aikikai So Hombu.

Amongst my many interests are Japanese culture and language, martial arts in general and Aikidō in particular (before taking up Aikidō, I practiced Karate, Kickboxing and Capoeira).

I have found many columns very interesting, and am looking forward to reading many more. Despite having researched quite a lot over several years (my interest in Aikidō began long before I actually took it up), I have still so much more to learn, and so I will be grateful for all knowledge that I can gain through the community of AikiWeb.

I would also like to thank Jun Akiyama for approving the activation of my account.


Daniel Laureati

11-06-2015, 11:07 AM
Welcome, konnichi wa from American Samoa!

11-06-2015, 06:06 PM

Daniel Laureati
11-09-2015, 05:32 AM
Arigatō gozaimashita, Steven and Ben! :)