View Full Version : hakama leg width?

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10-27-2015, 02:00 PM
This maybe a silly question but do manufactuers differ in the leg width of the hakama.. some wider than others or is it usually a subtle difference


Peter Boylan
10-28-2015, 07:54 AM
There's a just a slight difference in leg width between hakama from Japanese manufacturers. I don't know about non-Japanese makers.

10-31-2015, 02:18 PM
If sizing is an issue, you can have a hakama made to order from your own measurements , at additional expense of course. Personally I would like to get one with a wider back so as to reduce the gap at the side, as I am kind of a large guy. Leg fit is not a problem for me though. I have a stock Tozando Tetron hakama.