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10-12-2015, 05:11 PM
Anyone interested in practicing aikido in combination with a natural gardening ??? Looking to get together with some fellow practitioners of aikido to further explore the many avenues of aikido. If you are located near southern MA. and would like to get together and practice with one another on perhaps off hours that your dojo might be closed I welcoming those interested in forming a way of aikido with sustainable independent living by respecting and harmonizing with nature. I am located in dartmouth Ma, and am going to transform a two acre property with several greenhouses into permaculture gardens. I pretty much have every thing I need to do this and would like to get others involved with it at no expense to them. It's going to be absolutely free and a place where we can explore our practices of both aikido and gardening.The model will be for the use of those involved with the hope for others to follow. With a purpose of bringing many people of different dojos and others together there is no need to leave your dojo, quite simply it is going to be a place that is just there! What ever good reason you may think of come get involved. There will be many different areas on the land for summer gardening and lots of space in the greenhouses for winter gardening and of corse we will have a spot to practice. Be a part of achieving self fulfillment thru nature!

10-13-2015, 07:25 AM
Hi Mike,

We're not really near you, but at Green River Aikido in Greenfield MA we created a garden around our dojo, out of depaved parking lot. We think it's a pretty nice place. You'd be welcome to visit. You might also contact Aiki Farms in Ledyard CT.