View Full Version : Ukemi and Kokyu Ryoku

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07-10-2015, 12:28 PM
I've been working on a seriese of articles that cover the subject of Ukemi and Kokyu Ryoku. Here is the first real post.

07-14-2015, 10:55 AM
This is part 3. It covers simple alignment of forces. Hope you enjoy! http://www.aikidostudent.com/ASCv2/?p=482

07-22-2015, 10:29 AM
New article up. This one starts to talk about lift tests and the principles you can use for them. Hope you enjoy! http://www.aikidostudent.com/ASCv2/?p=484

07-29-2015, 12:38 PM
Part five is up. This covers that last of the Ukemi principles. Next week we move on to Kokyu Ryoku, making force!! Hope you enjoy http://www.aikidostudent.com/ASCv2/?p=534

08-07-2015, 12:51 AM
Part six is up. http://www.aikidostudent.com/ASCv2/?p=491 This starts to get into how we make and store power. Hope you enjoy it!