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07-06-2015, 07:36 PM
First off, thank you to all those people that enjoy reading the blog posts that I have put up in here these past few weeks. dontmakemeangrymrmcgee runs over 1000 views per day on average which for a single wordpress blog is a good effort and I am happy to know that people are joining it as as members and clicking back on it for updates as it shows up in the figures there.

I would like to make the point that I don’t have a set style in the way that I write, some of the topics are stuff that I have researched as I have looked into Aikido, other topics are blog posts that I have specifically written for Aikido Dojos to use as a resource on their facebook pages / websites to promote their Aikido club and help them get new members. I don’t care who reblogs or uses this stuff as I am happy to support any Aikido organisation to get new members. The most popular blog post there – Aikido for Over 40’s is a good example of that and I am happy to say that I have feedback that several people have gone on to step out and give Aikido a try after being challenged by it.

I don’t profess to have humour down pat, but do give it a try from time to time, the posts on “Will Aikido / Krav Maga help me in jail” are an example of that – until you get to the last paragraph where I try and talk to people about taking responsibility for their own lives and making something of themselves which is a subject I feel quite strongly about.

There are posts that you may well deem to have a “religious” focus on Aikido. I use the blog openly from time to time as an extension of my own search into Spirituality and subjects that occupy my mind at the time can end up getting a run on the blog. I chose to become a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church on my journey into spiritual knowledge and both enjoy it and use it as a barometer of where I feel on other spiritual issues. – the blog posts Aikido and Christianity, Aikido and Judaism, Shinto Clapping and Aikido and Imi Litchtenfeld are examples of this.

Krav Maga and other martial arts also get a run, I have a background in Krav Maga and relate my reasons for moving in From Aikido to Krav Maga. As you will see from my blog I still enjoy Krav Maga and exploring Jujitsu – Jujutsu . Wing Chun and whatever else takes my fancy at the time.

I concede that I do get some criticism because people suggest that I make assumptions and have this or that other thing wrong in what I have written. I have been to university and I am totally aware of primary documents, footnotes and so forth, I don’t generally bother to use them because I regard the blog more as an invitation to you into my own thought processes at the time. I am more than happy to publish your comments accordingly underneath. Still I also think that people often want to comment and see something as being wrong if you like as to give them the green light to move in an comment, I am really not worried, jump in and do whatever works for you, yet the welcome mat is always there.

Finally, my motivation for the blog came about after I researched the term Aikido on Google and discovered that it has steadily dropped down the searching order over the last 10 years. Whether Aiki Web has seen a similar reflection in drop away of views I do not know. What I do know is that another blog “KaratebyJessie” is doing good things for the Karate community and it is my intent to do something similar to promote Aikido to a western audience. For those who may not be across it, the term dontmakemeangrymrmcgee is taken from the TV show “The Incredible Hulk”, and I then use the term “searching for the hidden strengths within that all humans have” which is the fictional story of Dr David Banner. I feel this reflects well on my own journey and the discoveries that I have made about Aikido that I would like to communicate to other people.

Anyway I hope this answers some questions and proves to be some help in why I write and share things in the way that I do!