View Full Version : 17th International Aikido Summer Camp in Poland, Aug 16-22, 2015

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06-08-2015, 02:11 PM
Posted 2015-06-08 14:10:09 by Kristen Radtke
News URL: http://www.aai-polska.pl/ulotki/2015IlawaDorosliENG.pdf

Meido Moore Sensei (Shinjinkai in USA, 6th dan), Tomasz Krzyzanowski Sensei (AAI-Polska in Poland, 6th dan) and special guest Urban Aldenklint Shihan (Iyasaka Dojo in Sweden, 7th dan) will instruct this annual friendship event which regularly draws students from up to 10 nations. Weapons, empty-hand and Zen meditation practice will be conducted. The camp fee includes all meals and accomodation. English language flyer here: http://www.aai-polska.pl/ulotki/2015IlawaDorosliENG.pdf

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