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Aikido Tai Shin Kai
05-07-2015, 01:50 AM
Hi there,

My name is Shamus Chan (http://www.aikidotaishinkai.com/shamus-chan/) from Singapore. I was formerly a deshi and full time Aikido instructor before settling down into a more mainstream career to spend time with my family.

My entire family practices Aikido. My father, Patrick (http://www.aikidotaishinkai.com/patrick-chan/), is a former police officer with a love of all things martial arts. My second brother, Sean was born with Down Sydrome, but has blossomed in Aikido both physically and socially. Aikido has helped him move past his disabilities and integrate well into society.

The third brother, Jonah, was born prematurely and spent the early years of his life fighting for survival. The doctors gave him no chance of a normal life. Today, he preparing for his Shodan grading and is an assistant at our dojo!

I still teach Aikido and together with my family, set up our own dojo in 2014. Find out more about us at Aikido Tai Shin Kai (http://www.aikidotaishinkai.com/).