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08-23-2002, 04:02 PM
Well, just wanted to say that I just read the whole Chrstianity and Aikido post...(long!) and that happened to be exactally what I was looking for. As a Christian, I had been wondering what might be forced upon me in a dojo (though I figured it would vary a good bit by location) or something like that. You'll have to stop me, I love debating...I don't want to start anything here. :] Hehe. One thing though...you (a non-Christian, or someone else who doesn't consider him/herself very "relegious") might think I'm just being paranoid, but rather think of it as being thorough. I hope to maybe start taking Aikido...though I'll have to get some $$$ (and therefore a job) first. I might pop up from time to time to ask questions...and if I start lessons down the road, I'll probably end up frequenting these boards...hehe... Anyway... :P