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04-18-2015, 07:21 AM
Taikyoku Budo (太曲武道 Great Themes Martial Way) is a training collective founded by Budd Yuhasz (www.taikyokubudo.com) around Ellis Amdur's Taikyoku Kuzushi (Essential Principles for Unbalancing an Opponent) as a container for internal strength expressed through arms-length grappling (aikido), body-to-body grappling (jujutsu), and striking for grappling (kempo).

The Taikyoku Kuzushi are a set of solo exercises, based around five movement vectors or ‘themes,' developed by Ellis Amdur as a way "to refine training to facilitate the development of effective atemijutsu (hitting body skills) and kaeshiwaza (countering techniques), as well as effectively laying the groundwork for a more natural development of freestyle training and for the inclusion of internal training skills."

Under the direction of Robert Van Valkenburgh, Seiya Dojo (www.seiyadojo.com) is a study group just outside of Annapolis, Maryland dedicated to Taikyoku Budo as our main martial practice. We are presently a small group of training brothers/sisters from diverse martial backgrounds. Much of Taikyoku Budo is ‘open source' and we welcome practitioners from other arts to come in and explore what we consider to be universal themes of movement with us as we believe that you will find something relevant and useful to your practice.

04-21-2015, 06:22 AM
Here's a video of Ellis Amdur demonstrating the Taikyoku Budo (太曲武道) concept within the context of classical aikido: Taikyoku Aikido (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ba6NShe6ak)

The basis of our study group and Taikyoku Budo in general is the belief that these 'themes,' the Taikyoku Kuzushi, hold certain universal information about martial movement that can translate to any martial context or maai: arms length grappling (aikido), body to body grappling (jujutsu), and striking for grappling (kempo). What's more, through these themes, each of these different maai contains within it the potential for a variety of force applications: power releases (kempo), neutralizations (jujutsu), or projections (aikido).