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03-06-2015, 10:03 AM
hi there, I am an Aikido student in Melbourne, Australia, and computer programmer by trade.

I have done a little work on a website with a searchable index of the Yoshinkan Aikido techniques, linked to video on youtube: http://aiki.nipl.net/Yoshinkan.html I find it's useful to help me learn new techniques or remember ones that I've forgotten.

The legality of the linked videos on youtube is slightly dubious, but their utility eclipses that for me at least. If you like the videos and feel guilty about viewing them for free, they can be bought on 3 DVDs for a few hundred dollars. I'm saving up for it.

I am also working on a bigger index, covering some other video series: http://aiki.nipl.net/Aikido.html

(This site is not commercial in any way.)