View Full Version : May 22nd - 25th 4-Day Aikido Sword Intensive

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George S. Ledyard
02-13-2015, 12:54 PM
May 22nd - May 25th
Aikido Eastside in Bellevue, WA
George Ledyard Shihan, Aikido 7th Dan and direct student of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan

This intensive will focus on the weapons work of Mitsugi Saotome Sensei. It is limited to 30 attendees and is open to students 1st kyu and up (or by permission). If the seminar is full, preference will be given to dojo-cho and those actively teaching sword classes at their respective dojos.

On-line Info and Registration (http://www.eventsbot.com/events/eb616005591)