View Full Version : Seattle I Liq Chuan Weekend Workshop, November 15,16

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10-22-2014, 10:43 AM
Seattle I Liq Chuan will be hosting Rich Kelly (one of Master Chin's long time students) for a workshop on Circles of Defense and Offense on November 15th and 16th. You can register here:

or here:


About Rich Kelly:
Rich Kelly is a highly skilled I Liq Chuan instructor with fighting experience from several different competition formats over his 30 years of martial training. Through all of his competitions ('96-'06) he never lost a fight. He is a life-time teacher & practitioner of internal and external martial arts as well as body mechanics. Kelly is one of the few remaining old-time students of Grandmaster Sam Chin.

Rich Kelly had a lot of Tae Kwon Do exploits at a young age. He met Sifu Sam F.S. Chin when in college. He is a 3rd Dan WTF, and a multi time gold medalist (sparring) at US Cup (national) and NY State Championships, he won several other state and national tournaments ( pre-2000 ), after 2000 under Sifu he was a gold medalist in Sparring, Push hands & Chi Sau at the WTFKF Nationals, Pan American Games and Tai Chi legacy. He was a National Champion in both, for that year (gold medalist at Nationals). He has been doing I-Liq since 1998 and is currently a Level 3 instructor/Level 7 student level since 2006.

11-04-2014, 10:23 AM
In addition to Rich Kelly (Instructor Level 3) we will be having the following I Liq Chuan instructors in attendance:
Dmitry Grinberg (Instructor Level 2)
Bernard Langan (Instructor Level 2)
Holly Pope (Instructor Level 1)
Artem Koltsov (Instructor Level 2?)
Sonjue Chung-Koltsov (Instructor Level 1)
Kaiwe Goo (Instructor Level 1)

Our seminars don't draw huge numbers so if you're looking to understand the 'feel' of I Liq Chuan and the progression of that 'feel' as defined by the ranking system this is definitely a workshop to attend!

Hope to see you next weekend. Feel free to contact me about single day attendance.