View Full Version : Question about Hakama (again?)

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09-12-2014, 05:53 PM
I don't want to restart a topic that has been discuss many times before, so the simple issue is:
I live in the middle of nowhere (as long as MA supplies are concerned) and many of the "good ones" don't ship to Bolivia (or they do at insanely high cost). The bottom line is I need a new hakama (I have an old e-bogu kendo hakama, but it's not taking well the extra stress of aikido).

I realize Iwata or Tozando are the favoured options, but Iwata is out of the question and Tozando doesn't ship to Bolivia. The thing is there is an on-line store called All Japan Budoka which does ship to Bolivia (and it seems that it has free shipping), I know the store because the kendo dojo here uses it and they are very happy with their bogu, but I have absolutely no reference to their Aikido equipment. Has anyone tried their Aikido hakama (and other Aikido related stuff, for the matter)?

Thanks a lot for any help!

09-18-2014, 10:01 AM
I don't know about that store, but I live across the street from Tozando (http://aikidomugenjukukenshusei.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/life-in-kyoto-welcome-to-the-kenshusei-house/ ). Pretty cool, huh?

I suppose I could buy a hakama from Tozando and send it to you in the mail, but we would have to coordinate payments, addresses, etc. It might be very expensive to mail to Bolivia, and I don't know how you would know which size/style to order. I'm yudansha, but we just train without hakama. They're very, very hot in the Kyoto summer. You could go without it if you need to.

09-18-2014, 04:40 PM
Hi Christian, thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the offering, but as you realised, shipping to Bolivia wold be extremely expensive... A friend of mine has offered to bring one from the US as he is coming to Bolivia (And I think that solves the problem).

About not wearing hakama for Aikido... it's what I've been doing all these years (keeping the kendo hakama for kendo) since I'm not yundasha yet, but recently I started helping a friend with teaching a class, and it seems more "nice" to teach wearing one. Also, a oversees instructor comes from Spain from time to time, and he recommends using Hakama from third kyu onwards (for regular class and seminars I don't plan on wearing one yet).

Anyhow, besides the inmediate issue having been resolved, I'm still curious about All Japan Budogu's Aikido equipment, because they are a very well known (and rapidly increasing) company in the kendo world (and my kendo dojo uses them... maybe because the DO ship to Bolivia)