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Ellis Amdur
09-06-2014, 03:54 PM
Concerning a 2nd edition of Hidden in Plain Sight: Tracing the Roots of Ueshiba Moriheiís Power

I currently have about 250 copies of this book in print. I believe it really highlighted the renaissance of internal strength training within Japanese martial arts, in the Western world. At the current pace, theyíll probably sell out by the spring of next year, but this might be faster, given interest in my work engendered by some other recent publications. In general, it discusses a substrate training that was surely present in many, if not most, koryu arts, although largely abandoned by the Showa period (hence the fascination so many had re Takeda Sokaku and his students).

I was fortunate to have several people pick up errors in the text, most notably concerning an errant translation of the Kojiki as well as information regarding the Shinkage-ryu menkyo that Ueshiba Morihei received from Takeda Sokaku http://www.edgework.info/documents/HIPSErratarevised.pdf

Given that I will, of course, incorporate these corrections in a new edition, as well as changes in my own understanding of the material discussed in this book, I would like to make any and all improvements possible to the manuscript. I will probably incorporate at least one other chapter, that I wrote elsewhere, on incorporating internal training within aikido practice.

I am making an open request here for those who own a copy of the book:
1. If you see anything that you believe in error in the book, please send me the page and line numbers, and your correction.
2. If you believe that certain information could be explained better, please send me the page and line numbers, and explain what you donít think is clear.
3. If you believe that certain information could be augmented, please send me the page and line numbers, and give me the information you believe would augment things.
4. If there is additional information that youíd like to provide, please give me as much detail as you possibly can, and send me the page and line numbers, where you think it would be best placed.
5. Any other ways that you think the book could be improved, please let me know.

Small, nitpicky comments are as welcome as big issues. Grammar and spelling as well. Iíve no guarantees how Iíll use what you might send, but I will only cite you if I am true to what you sent me. (If I think I can use part of what youíve sent, Iíll communicate with you first to determine how best to give you credit, if you want it). Some of you have either far advanced understanding of this topic, or at least have an understanding of some aspects of this that I am not so versed. So I would appreciate any comments you might have.

Send all such communication to my email address (not facebook, please) at ellis@edgework.info