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David Orange
09-03-2014, 02:57 PM
I've created a new Facebook community for North American practitioners of any line of martial arts related to Minoru Mochizuki.


I'm calling this Yoseikan Budo Artists of North America.

This page will allow people training in Mochizuki sensei's line to connect with others in the gray zone between the old yoseikan teachings of Minoru Mochizuki and the modern yoseikan system of his son, Hiroo Mochizuki, the actual creator of the name "yoseikan budo," and all the various US groups that split off over the years.

Here we can share information on technique, lineage, philosophy, practice, etc., and address the use of the yoseikan name when Hiroo Mochizuki soke has requested that those not affiliated with the World Yoseikan Federation not use the yoseikan budo name.

I use it for this Facebook page to provide a way for all North American students of arts related to yoseikan to get to know one another, exchange information and address use of the name and their own place within the broad teachings that came down from Minoru Mochizuki as aikido styles emerged from Morihei Ueshiba.

I was uchi deshi under Mochizuki Minoru sensei when the sign on the door said "Budo Yoseikan Kokusai Hombu Dojo," "World Headquarters Dojo of Yoseikan Budo," yet I have not taught under the yoseikan name since leaving the dojo.

There are many ethical issues involved with use of the name by those not affiliated with Hiroo Mochizuki's WYF. First, that Hiroo soke created the name "yoseikan budo" and shared it with his father, who also used it, though their approaches were significantly different. I preferred the father's approach, but I acknowledge that the name belongs to the son.

Much of the purpose of this page is for people to consider this and address it.