View Full Version : Sep 20th - 21st George Ledyard in Connecticut

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George S. Ledyard
07-25-2014, 03:26 PM
September 20th - 21st 2014
Aiki Farm in Ledyard, Connecticut

Robert Burns Sensei is hosting George Ledyard for a weekend seminar on aiki and connection. This will be Ledyard Sensei's only appearance in the North East for the remainder of 2014.

Seminar Flyer (http://www.aikieast.com/docs/2014%20-%2009%20-%20Aiki%20Farm%20-%20GLedyardFlyerProof1.pdf)
Dojo Website (http://aikifarms.com/)

George S. Ledyard
09-14-2014, 02:56 PM
Just around the corner... looking forward to seeing my East Coast friends.