View Full Version : WTS: Swordstore #1001 Iaito with 2.35 shaku blade and with 8.5 sun tsuka length.

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07-20-2014, 11:54 AM
I am selling my Swordstore iaito model #1001 with 2.35 shaku blade and 8.5 sun tsuka length. I've only used it 10 times the most and it's in excellent condition.

Black same wrap on the handle, Tsuba is plum vine (T48 on the Swordtore website), Fuchi/kashira is lotus (K51) and mum blossoms (M18) on the menuki. The saya is navy gloss (S257) and it's an upgrade. Sageo and handle wraps are in navy blue cotton. There's a very small 1/2" hairline scratch on the saya and it's very un-noticeable if you're not really looking for it closely.

I am selling it for $350 shipped to the U.S. and no international shipping please. I got it for $700 + shipping when I bought it. I am having some difficulties in uploading pictures. If you have any question or you want to see some pictures please call me or text me at (702)818-0679 and I will be happy to send you some.

Thank you.