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05-22-2014, 07:10 PM
Have you ever wondered how Osensei could call aikido "the loving protection of all things" and yet our practice is often a struggle, with leverage or pain compliance standing in for harmony?

Or else subtle collusion masquerading as authentic ukemi gives us the feeling that our training really isn't martially sound - or worse - tricks us into believing our real life attacker is going to go along with the program no questions asked?

Was the founder putting us on? Or is it possible that love, in combination with the simple elemental movements of Aikido, actually does produce takemusu aiki from an effective attack; a spontaneous, harmonious resolution that heals the situation, with all participants benefitting and none feeling bested?

Corky Quakenbush's Aiki-Lab is a self guiding exploration into the literal truth of Morihei Ueshiba's proclamation "Budo is love."

From June 17 through July 20 I will be traveling in Europe to share the model of practicing aikido I have been developing for ten years. My Aiki-Lab method of training aikido makes takemusu aiki the objective of aikido practice rather than technique proficiency.

Aiki-Lab practice demonstrates the effect beneficent intention has in combination with the energy of authentic attack to create aikido without set forms

The schedule is as follows:

June 17-19, Liege, Belgium,
June 20-22, Castle of the Muses near Glasgow, Scotland
June 24, Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 25-July2 Heerenveen, Netherlands
July 4-6, Cambridge, UK (Aiki-Extensions Conference)
July 7, London, UK, Swiss Cottage
July 11, London, UK, University of London
July 12-13, Stuttgart, Germany
July 14-20 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? please write if you interested
in experiencing this method of training in your area.

For exact times,places, and contact info please visit my seminar calendar at http://westlosangelesaikido.com/seminars.html

Thank you!