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05-21-2014, 04:26 PM
I am an Aiki practitioner..

Aiki-Jujutsu, tho. Similar I know, but different in many ways.

I wanted to read about others writings about their Aiki adventures.

Aikido is much easier to find on the web, than Daito Ryu. I'd like to call this place my other home.

I hope I can engage and learn things here.

About me: I've not had an Aiki home in nearly 10 years. You know how life gets into the way of things. I had an incredible work opportunity come into my life. Well, I never made it back to the dojo again, and it has since closed, I think. I can't locate where the dojo moved and the Sensei phone number is not in the phone book.

I'm a purple belt so I am not a beginner. I would consider myself a novice, still. I practiced break falls and rolls a couple of weekends ago and it stirred up my interest again. I'm 47 so I am not young like I was. But Aiki has always treated me kind. My Ukemi was always fine. I loved taking bumps. I love teaching techniques. Watching a person miss the technique a few times and they just hit it right and I wince and tap, always was special. I cheer them on, and make them repeat it again, and again, and every time I tapped, I told them, that the technique you just did is strong. But loyally, when the technique wasn't right, I would examine and explain. I'd never pass off a weak technique for strong. The students needed my absolute honesty, and that's what I gave them. They always walk away smiling. I love the pain. Absolutely loved it. Tapping after i waited a few extra moments of their power over me really excited me. Anytime my Sensei would demonstrate during class, it was a huge honor when chose me. He became more than just my instructor. He became my friends.

Anyways, I am happy to be accepted into this circle of enthusiasts here.

I want to feel my passion for Aiki again... I'm not sure if it is impossible. I've gotten skinny, and I have two lower vertebrae fused after an accident. My like is missing something, and it think I refound it...

Thank you everybody for reading my long greeting.

05-22-2014, 09:26 PM
So much for a warm welcome.

So that's how it is. Ok.

05-23-2014, 04:28 AM
Hi Samuel,

Welcome. I guess people weren't paying attention.

05-23-2014, 08:07 AM
Welcome aboard! Not everyone checks every day (life is busy). Aikiweb ebbs and flows... (heh-heh)

05-23-2014, 12:25 PM
Thank you lots. I thought I read somewhere it was best to first post in the introduction forum.

I have not posted much yet. There is so many threads to read thru. Amazing. Thanks again for replying. Truly.