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04-26-2014, 02:44 AM
Hello everyone, - I have been very much enjoying a new book on Aikido by Linda Holiday - "Journey to the heart of Aikido" which focuses on the teachings of Motimichi Anno Sensei. I would like to share with you his thoughts simply titled "What is AIkido" as I have found it very helpful and challenging in recent times!

Pg 134 "What is Aikido"?

What is Aikido? Ultimately Aikido is love. This is the founders teaching and must not be changed. Aikido training is a method that allows us to reach a state of love.
I want to have a living heart, I want to live in harmony with everyone. I believe we all do. Despite that intention, we think "I don't like this person or that person." "That's no good that's wrong." We get into conflict with other people. We want to be in harmony with everyone, but we are not. We need to keep training in order to purify the heart.