View Full Version : March 14th - 16th 2014 - William Gleason in Seattle

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George S. Ledyard
01-24-2014, 12:50 PM
March 14th - 16th 2014
Aikido Eastside in Bellevue, WA
William Gleason Sensei, Aikido 7th Dan

Gleason Sensei will conduct a seminar at the Aikido Eastside dojo on aiki and internal power in Aikido training. Gleason Sensei is a teacher with a phenomenal ability to precisely describe in body centered terms how to do ones Aikido with "aiki".

Gleason Sensei has taught at Aikido Eastside every year for over 15 years. He just gets better and better.

On-line Info and Registration (http://www.eventsbot.com/events/eb294921270)

George S. Ledyard
02-25-2014, 04:24 PM
The flyer for the upcoming event is attached.

Also, the schedule has been revised so please check it.
On-line Info and Registration (http://www.eventsbot.com/events/eb294921270)