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12-07-2013, 06:50 AM
One thing that I have noticed is that people rubbish Aikido a lot and bring up various questions about this infamous place called "the street" replete with opinions about what does and does not work there. Hence I found it quite interesting to read in our paper a story which I would like to share with you. An 83 year old Aikido Black Belt in the State of Queensland in Australia and his 76 yro wife who also has a Black Belt in Aikido were awoken to the sound of a home invader entering their home to rob them. - Always seems to be the way with home invasions that its the elderly that are targeted, anyway the 83 yro produces a knife, warns his assailant that he has it and the home invader "runs on" to the knife, whilst I am not as trained in Aikido as many of you are, I am well aware that an attackers own force or motion is used against them and that appears to be what happened in this case. Anyway I will leave you to the read the article and see what you think!


12-07-2013, 09:41 AM
There is an already existing thread regarding this incident. Please direct your discussions there:


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-- Jun