View Full Version : Ueshiba, Gandhi and Einstein.

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08-31-2000, 09:58 PM
A friend of mine recently brought to my attention the fact that O'Sensei, Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein were contemporaries. I had never thought about it, but somehow it makes sense, offbeat as the comparison may be.
First of all three of them were great minds that revolutionized their field; i.e. Einstein in physics, Gandhi in the struggle for Indian independence and of course O'Sensei in Martial Arts. Most importantly all three spoused the message of peace amongst men, as well as the doctrine of non- aggression. I could very well see Gandhi practicing Aikido, as well as Einstein (though he was more likely a pure academic);).
This brings up an interesting point, as the first half of the twentieth century was a time fraught with turmoil, struggle and innovation: What was it that brought these men, who were able to witness the turnover form the Steam Age to the Atomic Age, to discover that Non- Agression is the true way to enlightenment? And how do these principles apply to our training and philosophy in Aikido?
Just something to think about....
Andy G.