View Full Version : William Gleason in Seattle Area - Nov 8th - 10th

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George S. Ledyard
10-12-2013, 04:58 PM
William Gleason Sensei, Aikido 7th Dan
over 40 years of Aikido practice, ten years in Japan under Yamaguchi Seigo Sensei, author of two books on Aikido and a video on sword and teaches internationally

Gleason Sensei will conduct a weekend seminar at Aikido Eastside in Bellevue, WA just outside Seattle.

Friday is optional and will focus on sword work. Gleason Sensei trained in Japan with Noguchi Sensei in sword work derived from Kashima Shin Ryu. This sword style heavily influenced Aikido and the principles involved are inherent in Aikido empty hand.

Saturday and Sunday will focus on the principles of aiki and internal power in Aikido. Gleason Sensei's ability to clearly articulate a clear, body centered set of principles for high level technique is unparalleled.

This seminar is open to students of all levels and affiliations.

On-line Info and Registration (http://www.eventsbot.com/events/eb634136451)