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R.A. Robertson
09-29-2013, 12:59 PM
Setting structure against structure is the way of destruction.
Creating viable structure is the constructive way.

Minimally viable structure is tolerant of flow.
Viable structure facilitates flow.

Flow is bounded and unbounded.
Structure sets the bounds of flow.

Excess boundedness creates obstruction.
Obstruction diminishes viability.

Non-viable structure may be restructured.
Restructuring is destructive and constructive.

Structures may be integrated to create more viable structure.
Structural integrity determines viability.

Dis-integration may also foster viability.
Disintegration is reconstructive and destructive.

Superstructure and infrastructure are mutually dependent.

Viable structure is mutable, and therefore fluid.
Fluid exhibits structure, and therefore a persistence of pattern.

Persistence of pattern is a necessary condition of longevity.
Evolution of pattern is a necessary condition of vitality.

Durable vitality is the goal of structured flow.
Form and formlessness are indistinct when viable structure is balanced.

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